Spread the epidemics of joy

Apr 30, 2007


I'm blessed with a friend like you!

Apr 28, 2007

Da joy chang jing

Apr 24, 2007

A must watch

Return to the blue lagoon

Return to the blue lagoon is a movie chock full of adventure, suspense and love. Filmed during the 1990's in the enchanting south pacific where an new adventure unfolds. When 2 young lovers lost their live at sea, they left a young son behind. A kind-hearted widow and her daughter rescued the orphan but was abandoned on a deserted island. As days turned into years, the boy and girl experience the blissful awakening of tender young love. But their rapture was violently interrupted by the crew of a passing ship and new temptation that it brought. Their dreams of returning to society quickly faded when their hearts told them that nothing is worth sacrificing the purest of love. And though there were marooned on the island, they knew for sure that they were never god-forsakened. Milla jovoich along with brian krause who took the roles after brooke shields and christopher atkins from the blue lagoon in 1981. Both movie beautifully flimed.

Apr 23, 2007


Do you like me? This is my space! So if you don't, you can go stick your head down some crocodile's throat and die. =D

Apr 22, 2007


Towards a beautiful never ending nothing!

Apr 17, 2007

Bi & joy

Apr 13, 2007


Apr 12, 2007

Thailand vs korea

Gosh my mind is in a dilemma! Should i spend my june in thailand building houses for the kids with wini and gang and get all tanned up? Or should i have my very own retreat up in the prayer mountain in korea. But im really sick of the food already. Both are as meaningful, both cost me a bomb and best still, both falls exactly on the same date. I wish i could go for both.

Apr 10, 2007

Lovely mee

I'm loving it

A new look everyone! Not me, not my tee nor the mee. I mean my new blog skin. I'm loving it!

Apr 9, 2007

Korea's best buy

Apr 8, 2007

Happy 21st birthday

Apr 2, 2007

Stars at starbucks

Coffee tea or me

A day at starbucks, coffee for 6 bucks. Can i help you sir, would you like coffee tea or me? Take a seat, have a sip, the smell of coffee might make you drip.

Apr 1, 2007

Red hot chilli pepper

Deadline closed

I'm sorry guys but the deadline for my belated birthday present has ended yesterday. Please wait upon year 2008. I last received my gift from zoey, eric, thomas and daniel. Another wallet? Gottcha! It's a bible and it has the most meaningful name on earth. Say hi to red hot chilli pepper. It's so red it makes me feel as hot as a pot that i can't afford.