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Oct 25, 2006

Universal studio japan

Oct 24, 2006

Hard to fall

Looking at the rate i'm going, i'm really not going any further. Maybe i'm only a little better with my fractions and circles. That's more or less about it. I do get upset, and i seriously feel that i need some wisdom and understanding to carry on. But what i need most is a miracle. I'm the winner for slacking competition. But while i slack, i do stop and ponder too. Is O's that that that important? What's my real motive of doing well? To prove to others that i'm not a failure. Damn, that's hell lot of wrong! Although i don't know what's going on, sometimes i'd wish that i could steal a little bit of your brain and step a little closer each day so that i can float like a cannonball. I want to believe that it's not hard to fall. Come on courage, i wanna be hard to fall no more.

Oct 23, 2006

Botak leow

Piece of crap is back accompanied with his new egg head!

Oct 22, 2006

He never sleeps

Upon answering and encouraging one of my new cg member jonathan who was asking me dozens of question from praying to QT, i just cracked my head and tried to answer him with the best knowledge i have. In return, he sent me a song by don moen which i ever sang before during this year's FOP but totally forgotten about his words. It encouraged me more than anything at this point of time.

He never sleeps,
He never stumber.
He's never tired,
Of hearing our prayers.
When we are weak,
He becomes stronger.
So rest in His love,
And cast all of your cares,
On Him.

Oct 19, 2006

Did i hear wrongly

No you didn't. Yeah yeah... cici the tiny but mighty in heart, old but young at heart is sick. After knocking herself on a wooden plank, she fell and had a heart attack. I prayed, prayed and prayed for her to live through and she finally did. Doctor said that she's lucky to live because most dogs who encounter such situation wouldn't have made it. She's back home now after 3 days at the hospital and i collected 3 pails of my tears as well. She's dead tired, still pretty groggy. But, much much much better. Thank you Lord=) Continue to pray for her ok peeps!

Oct 18, 2006

My dear cici

Cici is gonna live! Not leave!

Oct 16, 2006

Farewell caleb

Oct 13, 2006

Just married

Oct 11, 2006


Find romance in my menu.

Oct 10, 2006

John's finally a man

Oct 7, 2006


Prom comes from prominate and you can't prominate alone can you?

Oct 3, 2006

Talk happiness

Talk happiness! The world is sad enough without your woes. =(

Oct 2, 2006

Little joy

Hey little girl with the precious of the world on your shoulders don't say that is over.