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Mar 23, 2009

Dead & gone

Moto moto is dead & gone!
Hate my classmates, hope they're dead & gone!
Exams, i command you to be dead & gone!

Mar 22, 2009

Friday, saturday and sunday

Cabbed to suntec with clubbers. Thought that chiyin would watch coming soon with me. But hate her right now because she chose a man over me. Wondered why on earth is it so difficult to get someone to watch it with me. Headed down to popeye chicken, mum called. Took a bus home, freaking long journey. Woke up late next morning to meet pun, ended up he was later. Watched mall cop. He paid for the movie, i paid for his green tea. Fair and square. Went to toilet to touch up my make up, eye brown pencil got flushed away. Reminded me of shalyn. Felt like crying, but i had my make up on. Went to pay for a new one, almost killed myself. Met gary in the evening for starbucks. He paid for my drink i paid for his toilet entry. Fair and square. Waited for guangxi and went home by train. Journey home was faster than coming, i dont know why. Woke up late again to meet jules and jiehuai. Ordered fried chicken, ate it, but didnt like it. Drank mac's coke, loved it. Drove over to clark quey, walked passed rebel, drank ice water at pump room. Saw that aqua, again. Went home with jules, opened my belated present from jiehuai. Wow, love it. I love it. Do you know that popeye is spelled with a pop and an eye? Cant believe it. My friday, saturday and sunday.

Mar 20, 2009


Mar 19, 2009

You twist & you turn

You twist & you turn the stories,
All i can do is feel sorry.
Complaining & complaining,
what a pitty!
Can i ask you,
have you ever gotten a penny?
Being the innocent one,
sitting down feeling pretty.
Fooling the people around their stupidity.
Dear lady,
are your our friend or an evil granny?

Mar 18, 2009


Mar 13, 2009

Someone who can just stay by my side,
So long as he does not disappear all of a sudden.

Mar 10, 2009

Joy needs to be wild for awhile!

Mar 9, 2009


Mar 8, 2009

My birthday 'overdued'

Home with my lovers

Clubbers in school

Church mates at The Westin

School friends at Merchant Court

Mar 5, 2009

Ps: belated presents still accepted

Mar 4, 2009


4 days, 4 celebrations and 4 cakes. Chocolate, mango cheese, nutella and cookies & cream. Many blessings, many hugs. Posed for many cameras, say cheese! No 21 punches, but i feel like punching zoey and wini. Lovely presents from lovely people. 5 presents not yet recieved, 1 new most hatered friend on the list and 1 big lame surprise marks the end of my 21st birthday. Just for the record, i'm forever 16! A big thank you to you you you and you, and love you you you and you deep deep. Hey... i'm 21!

Mar 2, 2009


I love my dress
Hate couples nowadays

Singles deprived of partying

I just love my dress