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Feb 28, 2006

Sorry about your face bro

Happy birthday lizard

Today is lizard's birthday. And if you are wondering which kind of specie is it, i'm sorry to burst your bubble but it's a normal human being. I figured out that he isn't desperately in need of anything therefore i decided to give him a pad on the back as a gift of encouragement to live on. Despite his weakness in catching his prey for food and not being able to call out a clear lizard's voice, we still love him. He was ladened with sorrow when he found out that there is a strong resemblance between lizards and him. Not that he is a small creature with rough skin, four legs with a long tail. But he usu reminds us of a reptile even when we give a short glance at him. His features are way too alike. This is a picture of him which he thought he looked good in it. But the utmost importance is he doesn't prove to look like a lizard in it. The top secret lies in the picture when he jumped about in glee when i commented that that he looked pretty charming in the picture. That's not the point anyway. Today's school sucked big time again. A few of us were called out for some scolding for not attending chem choice. As the name says it all. It's our choice whether to go or not. The naggyness of mr oliver really reached my patience level. Although my attitude towards him was contumelious, he was in no position to complain that our school fees are not enough for his 3 meals per day. In this case, i think he is terribly wrong. What are our parents paying for every month like crazy? Does he even know that the word 'tax' does exist? Our parents pay the government tax, hence the government pay teachers via the tax they receive. Does this make any sense? Get a life.

Feb 27, 2006

Party people

Thank you

I have a huge announcement to make. Yesterday's party : mission accomplished. I think i can bring this event to pass. I really appreciate everything and everybody and i believe so does chari. I'm really really happy and tired. Today was one of the most unwasted day ever since i started stepping into school. I have been slacking and sleeping every single day of my life. Worrying for my studies but not laying a single hand on my books. I bought a whole lot of cards to thank those people for their generosity. They are just so liberality in helping. Cleared up my room from those presents. Now, i can finally pull out my carpet that was neglected under my bed due to the presents lying on the floor. And after blogging, i'm gonna help peifang's mummy abit. I figured out that if i were to live my life without my computer for a week or so and just do stuff that is more meaningful than spending my time hanging around msn, typing and clicking, i would have so much time freed up. Although i was a total slacker in school today, i had great chats and laughter over the fact that kimyen and daphy duck was still going gaga over my handsome friend. I shall be sensible enough to not name out who. We've got this creepy feeling that sarah was abit agitated over their craz that would cause her to move with violence or sudden force and punch us right in the nose. Sorry man. I think they must have got some of my nerves.

Thanks alot to : wini, chari, zoey, leah, chngyi, pris, mindy, jan, aggie, bethia, kimyen, peifang, thomas, eric, daniel, shunbin, raymund, joshua, caleb. Grace and jiehuai for the present. Aunty proy, lynn, slyvia, janet, meiyei and family, simku, mayku, kuma, lina, ben, ivy, ah pak, ah liong, paul, dad and mum. Did i missed out anyone? Sorry if i did. You know who you are. =)

Feb 26, 2006

Excited eric

It's party time

Wow, today is the big day although its still 16 hours more to go before the party. I'm getting high already. All thanks to eric. He reminded me to be excited. Seriously speaking, i didn't expect this day to come so fast. It seemed like yesterday when me and chari planned for this party. Now that i'm reminded, i better go charge my cam's battery before i can't take any pictures. Oh God please protect our eyes during the party from seeing too much of pink as pink makes people go crazy. Times up. I got to go wrap chari and leah's present. I hope it doesn't turn out darn. It seriously takes a whole lot of time to type one long post man.

Feb 25, 2006

New shoes

Happy birthday chari

Today's weather was unexplainable. The wind was gushing through our faces that there wasn't any chance for us to arrange out hair. What's up with this month man. There are so many birthdays going on which i think it's making me go bankrupt. Today is chari's birthday. I figured out that tonight she will be out with her friends to hot. It's ok, go enjoy yourself. I'll be catching up in a week or so. It's sweet 18 man. What more than a hot night out right? I'm so highly demanded today. It makes me feel as if i'm wanted. Kimyen, leah, simku, sokeyee to bethia. I managed to meet all except sokeyee. Went for a shopping spree with kimyen and ended up buying stuff for others and not myself. Met up leah and my simku for my birthday present. Got a shocking pink bible which i only realised later that it was in king james version. Too late for any changes. I bought a new pair of brickenstock for 99 bucks which consist of a white background, flowers and a blue buckle. But tragedy struck down when i saw that there were already scratches. There is a shallow cut at the side which i don't even want to look at it. I'm really exhibiting overwhelming sorrow for not appreciating it in the frist place. I should have and could have. Enough of my shoe. I had some great talks with kimyen, leah and bethia today be it while shopping or in church. I learnt that if i don't stop a small candle from burning, it would burn my whole house. Meaning that if i don't stop my jealousy over what i can't get be it now or in future, it would turn out to be envy. And it will become a great sin. God gave me two years. Two years to strengthen my faith in Him and to pray for what i want to achive. I wasted one, i'm not gonna let it happen to the other. Leah is right by saying, if she is leading a good life, she wouldn't have depended on God so much. It's because of those obstacles that God places in our lives that we learn to rely on Him more. My God is a big God. =)

Feb 23, 2006

Fall at your feet

I'm really close tonight
And I feel like i'm moving inside her
Lying in the dark
And the think that I'm beginning to know her
Let it go
I'll be there when you call
And whenever i fall at your feet
Do let your tears rain down on me
Whenever i touch your slow turning pain

You're hiding from me now
There's something in the way that you're talking
Words don't sound right
But i hear them all moving inside you
Go now
I'll be there when you call
And whenever i fall at your feet

Have you ever wondered

I reached home early, slept early, however woke up late and blogged late. Right now, i just feel as if i can faint anytime due to no lunch and dinner yet. Have you ever been desperate over a song that you really wanted but you don't know what's the title and the artist of the song. The only time you've heard it is on the show and yet you are desperately in love with it. This was what happened to me yesterday when i was rushing through all those 7 episodes i missed from the oc. I heard that particular song but couldn't listen to what the singer was singing about. All i knew that it's a guy. He seriously can be the first angmoh jay chou and this hero is mr james blunt. I can't really recall how i managed to find the song. But all i knew was i didn't gave up. I downloaded every file that came out when i searched for the oc ost on limewire ( which is illegal by the way ). No sign of that song instead i flooded my com with those songs i downloaded to test. After my afternoon nap today, i was searching for some sia and emriates info about cabin crew and there and then, it clicked my mind to search for the song's lyric base on what i could understand from his mouth. It was no joke, but i got it finally. This is only a small incident. I do hope that i will have the perseverance in adhering to what i want to do in future with my life. Peifang you need to have confidence in yourself and what you are. I like you from head to toe and God loves you for He made you. =)

Feb 22, 2006

Cleaning in progress

Dear chari

To my dearest chari, all i did was to make things easy for you. You smiled, joked at times and seemed downright jovial about this sunday when we were talking about the invatation cards and stuff. If you didn't like the idea of having a pink cake, you should have told me right on the spot when i was asking tong. I only realised when you messaged me the other day that you don't really like it. I just thought that maybe you should make the decision over the cake instead of me because you are paying for it and not because i know you are pissed. I seriously thought that you would appreciate my mum and aunty for getting and preparing all the stuff from food, utensils to charcoal. But i guess i've went overboard. It's ok, i know what i'm buying for you and let's get over it. School totally sucked big time today. Althought i tried to be attentive during lessons, i just can't understand what on earth the teachers were teaching. The only person i can blame is myself for not being smart and teachable enough. My o's are arrpoaching but you can see that i'm still actively blogging. I'm really worried for my math and science as these are the two subjects that i will flunk like nobody's business. I can try and study to the greatest possible amount and work every day to the utmost of my abilities but i bet you the highest i can get will still be a D7. Which is a fail. Argh!!! Can't be bothered anymore. I'll let God lead me instead. Talking about studying, shrek haven't been coming to school for these past few days. As we all thought, he might have went clubbing during the nights and cant afford to wake up on time for school. But it turned out that we were all wrong. He have decided to go back to the swamp in the forest where he used to live alone which dreamwork kindly drew for him because he felt that he is being bullied by my classmates. I have no comment to that. I guess the only thing that made my day better was the lipton ice tea from kfc. With that cup of tea, i'm contented. It quenched my thirst with an unforgettable sweetness in my heart. Haha, so much for a cup of tea.

Feb 21, 2006

Happy birthday simku

I gotta rush through this post as i have to sleep as soon as possible before my aunty comes to pick me up for dinner. That's only part of the reason. My eyes seriously needs a toothpick to withstand the weight of my eyelids. I think i'm down with a fever and headache. The only way to ease the pain is to chop off my whole head so that the pain will transfer from the head to the neck. Despite all of these, i die die also must thank someone out loud before i fall asleep and that's shunbin my superhero. Mr justin saved our day yesterday from dentention. Chef cook, shunbin's famous sobriquet saved my day from pots today. Jabez said that i can't tarry the pots any longer as they need it to cook for the children. I had no choice but to delay as i had school this morning. Somehow i was overwhelmed when shunbin offered to help me out by coming over to bring it back to church this morning. I'm really touched and lightly blessed by his little doings. Chef is a amicable and graceful person who often gets builled by people like me. Haha. It's through him that i can see peace and paitence. He is working at chinatown point at some kind of christian bookstore which he had always wanted to. I'm glad for him and i look up to him for the strong faith and believe he has in God. Shunbin you're my superhero. You're my star, my best chef. I can't thank him any further. =p

Feb 20, 2006

Feeling lonely

I had a strange dream last night. A friend and i were sitting in a park under a shade of a very large tree. It was a beautiful, sunny day. My friend was sitting on the edge of the tree's shadow feeling the full impact of the sun. So, i moved over allowing him more room in the shade. But he didn't move. He stayed at where he was. After keeping his distance for a while, he stood up and left. No reason given, no goodbye offered. If you're in college and majoring in pysch, you're probably already analyzing my dream. Let me know if you've come up with something. I don't think there's too much to it although i did wake up feeling lonely. As i woke up from this dream this morning, i was so reluctant to lift my head off my silky pillow and the pain on my left hand worsened and so was my right after grabbing on the tongs for almost half a day scooping up spaghettis for almost 200 people to consume. My eyes could hardly open and i just continued lying on bed eventhough i was sure that i'm going to be late for school. Within the few mintues with my eyes shut tightly, the thoughts of groovy night event just flashed through my mind. How did we even do it. It must have been God secretly giving us the strength to do it. I just recieved a message from jabez saying that two pots went missing that night after cooking. Pots to me all look the same and i really have no idea. Worst still, i have to update him about the pots if i find it. It's no joke as they can't cook for the children. As i blurly switched on my lights this morning, i was shocked to see that my table was full with pink stuff. Stuff that i didn't see before. But from there i was relieved to know that my parents have reached home safely from kajang.

Feb 19, 2006

Groovy night pics

Groovy night

My target is to finish today's post by 9 so that i can go and watch tv. Actually i was quite reluctant to blog today. But because of the amazing things that happened yesterday, it's a must for me. Seriously speaking, yesterday's groovy night event went better then i expected. I woke up to prepare at 8.30am waiting for boss, miss wini to hop over to help me with the things. Once again she was late as i expected. Head right to church and started boiling a humongous pot of water as if it was meant for the witch to boil their soup in those children stories. By the way, it took about half an hour to boil and you wouldn't believe how big the fire was. I gotta cook spaghettis for roughly 200 people. It was a lifetime experience which i wouldn't want to do it again. I got a feeling that i won't eat spaghettis in the near future. Got to rest my mind from the smell to the taste. I guess priscilla was sick of tasting those spaghettis as well as shunbin, the other chef cook. I refused to try it as it looked gross. As i was just boiling and cooking and boiling and cooking, i saw how things worked out in the end. How the stage was set up to the pa settings at the back. How hard the band was practicing and trying to sing the right tune. All those hundreds of people that kept on coming into the kitchen helping shunbin and i to cook and prepare. All these wouldn't had happened without God. This event would be nothing without Him and it would be meaningless. Whether or not those hundred of non believers recieved christ, it doesn't matter as long as they got to hear about Jesus. It was all worth it and i didn't regret it. I bet the rest who worked their ass off would agree with me too. Infact, the other reason why i was glad is because i got to meet up with 3 of my primary school mates. Daniel sor the dinosaur, lester the molester and linus the angmohgia. What a small world. Despite our tiredness, the two cooks, boss, charissa and john went to party world at 12 midnight. Very nice. It was open waiting for us in a sense that it's gonna close at 1am. I was super hungry at that time. You might wonder am i still hungry despite cooking so much and i should have ate eariler. The reason is i didn't felt like eating after seeing how me and thomas mixed it. And worse still, how shaun and john tossed it around in a red tub. The rest i shall keep it a secret for my new friend spaghettis, short form spag. I don't want to humiliate spag too much. And so we went and sat down at mac. My stomach didn't give up. It was as hungry as ever but mac was already closed. One kind mac delivery man heard my stomach and gave me his chicken foldover which he intended to throw under one condition. I can't make a sound, i don't have to pay him, and i need to run as fast as i can so as to not let his manager see. That was my first time eating that after it came out ( which was decades ago ). I think most of us reached home within minutes except for poor charissa and john. That should be the reason why we were late for church today. John didn't even come. Haha. It's 8.42pm now.

Feb 18, 2006

Spot the difference

Sleep slept sleeping

Sleeping was never enough for me. I can literally feel the aches in my body due to yesterday's mass run and pe. I thought by sleeping, the pain would heal faster. But it didn't at all. In fact the pain became worse. Now i can truely understand why people usually say that you'll get more tired if you sleep too much. Normally, average human beings needs 8 hours of sleep everyday. But it seems like i need at least 12. Right now, i'm feeling so shagged after one whole afternoon of sleep and ripping off 4 packets of garlic with my mother for tomorrow's event. My mum's fingers seems like burning hot. During the last 2 weeks, i was really pissed off with the things that were going on for the event. Things didn't go as well as i thought. Wini and shunbin were bombing at my house almost everyday. I couldn't have enough sleep for school the next day. I was worried that the food we prepared will not be enough for 170 people. Shunbin is too busy over his style of everything must be perfectly done ( which is good in a way ). I really didn't understand why am i giving so much to this event till i saw how hard wini was working. Now i can say that i've done bits compared to her. Thumbs up for wini and i proudly say, she is my friend. Before i left for church's kitchen to have a last minute check, i was determined to tidy up my room first although it was 10pm already. However i felt that it was a waste of my time and effort. You'll agree with me when you see the before and after pictures. But i seriously did spent almost an hour cleaning up. Now that i'm still not sleeping is because i want to send my mum, dad and aunty off at 4am to kajang. They will be heading there to visit one of my uncle who just had a crucial heart attack on valentine's day itself. Not because he was over excited about that day but because of a sudden interruption or insufficiency of supply of blood to the heart, typically resulting from occlusion or obstruction of a coronary artery. I hope he will have a speedy recovery.

Feb 16, 2006

Slim tim

My new invention

Actually i'm pulling myself to blog this afternoon and forcing my eyes to open till it's saggy already. Due to today'a hot weather, i felt like a hot pan sizzling while walking back home because of the heat and the oil on my face and shoulder. Today's tempreture is 35 degrees and i really can't take it any longer. However, i'm excited to share about my new invention further in a more detailed way. Alot of stuff happened many years ago and it's still around now. This got me thinking. Have i done anything this year that will alter the world in a hundred years? I haven't discovered any new drugs that will cure cancer. I didn't solve the problem of world hunger. I haven't invented any new devices that will change life as we know it. But, i have invented something that will make life easier for students to search for what they want from their pencil box within a short span of time and i wonder who would want to buy my idea. Big money, big money. This simple and easy way of making life simple just need to be something long and slim that will fit into your pencil box vertically standing up. If you can't get what i mean ( which is most probaly ), you can get a rough idea of it with the help of the picture above. This way, the mouth of your pencil box will be bigger and it allows more light to enter for you to see clearly of what you are searching for. Not only that. You will also be able to stretch your hands inside with a bigger area to search. Am i good or what? Ps, this doesn't apply to those who are using metal pencil boxes. Sorry peifang. Perhaps the best contribution to the world in 2006 is me. Ok i'm talking crap.

Feb 15, 2006

Happy birthday jiehuai

The weather this few days are getting hotter and hotter and i'm sweating like nobody's business even with a fan blowing right into my hair right now. I remember those days during december last year when it actually rained cats and dogs almost everyday. The tempreture was just nice but some couldn't take the coldness. But now that it's hot and humid, this i really can't take it. I can only cross my fingers and pray that it won't get any hotter as the days goes by. School was back to normal today after the valentine's day craz of giving gifts to their love ones. However, i still recieved a gift from peifang today. Late but still meaningfull. It looks nice and sweet wrapped with cellophane with a touch of pink on it. Not sure about the taste yet though. I felt quite strange today because of those serious conversation with peifang about the fact that people sees her as a girl who likes japanese stuff. Although it's true but i seriously don't see a problem with her outward appearence but others do. She is really unhappy about it and i totally can understand why. I hope she finds out the reason soon. But after all, today was full of crap and laughter. Infact, i was really suprised when i found out that kimyen was really happy yesterday when i gave her her valentine's day gift. Like i said, even though it's free and i just added some deco's on it, it's the thought that counts that is most important. Despite the warning from bethia to not blog today, it's a must for me because today is jiehuai's birthday. Talking about which i've not yet bought him a present. He is turning old as years goes by and i'm gonna turn 18 in a while too. If you think being around this age range is considered as young, you are really wrong. The sickness in our body is collapsing. I myself have weak bones that ache's whenever it's gonna rain and i have sore all over my leg when i shop too long. There is more to that. I got to rush out due to this sudden impromptu from bethia to celebrate jiehuai's birthday with little preparation or forethought. Off i go. Woohoo. By the way, i invented this super cool way for us to search our stationaries from our pencile box with a more easy and faster way. I havnen't thought of the name of this invention yet. I'll post it up once i get one. I think i'm a genius to even think of this. I bet you this will hit the market sooner or later.

Feb 14, 2006

Think big

Happy valentine's day

It's valentine day today and i can't say that i'm bored because there is a saying which says only boring people gets bored. Infact i shouldn't complain at all because even though i don't have a boyfriend or a husband to celebrate with, i have more valentine's day gift then any of those who have. The earilest i've recieved was on sunday. Jan gave me a heart shaped pillow. And today, i recieved a doll from kimyen. Peifang's valentine's day chocolate will be coming tomorrow. I bet her mum is having a hard time helping her out at the kitchen right now while i blog as she knows nuts about cooking. It's so nice of her to even try. And if the chocolate can be considered as a success, she will be doing it again for my birthday party. And of course, there will be more gifts coming up this saturday during our valentine's day celebration from wini, chngyi, priscilla, maybe from zoey and charissa as well. See how great is it to be single! Actually my heart is breaking inside. Haha. Sometimes i really wonder from a 18 year's old perspective, do those kids ( as in those who still can't think maturely even if they are in a secondary school ) who are in a realationship actually knows how to love each other. By the way, do people truely know what real love is? And why can we love in the first place. You should check it out.

Feb 13, 2006

Veronica's florist

Good morning at everyone when i'm blogging at 9.05pm. I just woke up after many hours of sleep. The definition of sleep is very simple actually. Shiok. But if you didn't have enough, it would be a joke. Haha, am i good or what. Ok i admit i'm just blogging for the sake of blogging. Fine, i'll go back to sleep with my empty stomach soon. Talking about empty stomach, i guess i'll have to bear with it for another day because of valentine day. Not because i'm on a diet. But because my mum has to work in the flower shop. The same goes for every florist working in veronica's florist and not forgetting my aunty, the boss of all bosses. If i can recall during my sleep yesterday, my mum actually reached home at 2am. People ususally fantasize how great it would be to work in a flower shop. My friend bethia is a good example. Actually it's hardship more than a cinderella story. If you guys are planning to buy flowers for tomorrow, think again. Despite the scary price, people are still buying as if they are buying vegetables. Not only that. I reckon not all girls like flowers as well. It will die sooner or later. I rather you give me an angpao.

Feb 12, 2006

Be my valentine

My battle is His fight

I seriously can't stand the fact that my friend just can't be honest with me. What's so difficult about being truthful over a small thing that it has to end up a lie? You know sometimes when a person lie, it's not himself or herself who leaks out the lie. It's just everywhere. From the surrounding to some other people. You don't even have to think too much. It's just hanging in the air for you to realise it. It's true that being good friends doesn't mean you have to tell the other party every single thing in your life. But whatever you choose to say should be the truth. I don't know why am i sharing everything base on my feelings when others are not. I'm actually already immuned as it has been happening around me for quite some time. I should be unresponsive by now. However, i can feel the holy spirit promting me to take it easy. Although i'm facing this battle, i shall not be worried or upset for i know there is an unseen but absolutely real presence who stands ready to fight for me in every arena of my life. Perhaps it's because i'm beginning to take it easy and be more open that's why i'm experiencing a wider range of people coming into my life. I'm suppose to come home early to take a nap and head off for ikea later in the day. But ended up pouring my time on this post. And now, i've decided to finish doing my valentine day gift for my girl friends. Nothing for the guys this year. They seldom appreciate. Haha. 2 for my school friends and and 7 for church friends. I need the wisdom to finish it and that it will turn out looking nice as well. Actually i'm quite cheapskate. I got those things for free and i'm just going to add on some deco's on it. Hey, it's the thought that counts right. Haha.

Feb 11, 2006

Freezing crabmeat

Wow, i can't wait to post up today's topic. Being forced to wake up in the afternoon during my nap was one of the most annoying and disturbing thing ever. But i had no choice to go shop for some ingredients for a dish that shunbin wants to cook. Prawns are way too expensive for young kiddos like us. Therefore we went to hunt for crabmeat. Our all time favourite. And that was when i realised that crabmeat comes in different sizes, shapes and colour..... not really. I don't know whether you guys have seen such long ones before but i almost fainted when i saw them being placed acrossed the chiller. I promise myself that i'm gonna have that for my birthday party. I went and find the definition of crab meat. It says that it is a part of a crab that is made into food and that the most important thing to remember about freezing and storing crabmeat is that it is very perishable. Since the meat spoils quickly, it should be used immediately after it is cooked. Do not let crab meat stand at room temperature longer than necessary. Crabmeat lovers should take note. I can't wait to sleep actually. I'm excited by the fact that i'm meeting leah and her friend tomorrow to go to nafa's open house. I've been aiming to get in there so that i can fulfill my dreams by being an air stewardess. I've got the height. But no weight. Haha, guess i have to do something about that first. I'm having this really interesting conversation with jules at the moment. I say it's interesting because this english speaking chap is actually having a singalong session alone singing jay chou's song which i've forgotten the title already. I feel sad for him because he has to take part in the thaipusam event tomorrow. Not that he is an indian but his so called national service is being a policemen. Hope he enjoys the show while ensuring peace.

Feb 10, 2006

It's finally out but i'm not getting it

I have given up complaining about the fact that i'm still in a secondary school. I'm just going to enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. This year has been one of my most slackest year ever and the thing is it's my O's this year. I'm going to save my tears when i get my results next year instead of crying while seeing others get theirs this year. I believe that there is a reason why things are planned this way for me and i've found the reason why. But i have not succeeded in fulfilling the reason. Although today's school was short, alot of things have been discussed between me and peifang and arguements between my other friends which i got to know. I'm suddenly awaken by the fact that all of us are different and people changes as time goes by. In order to continue the relationship we just got to accept him or her as who he or she is. And the most important fact is, best friends don't need to be the same and have the same for everything. It's the uniqueness in each of us that allows us to befriend each other. I'm getting really sick about discussing the date for my birthday celebration. So many changes, so many events clashing, so many no's from my mother and i'm really pissed of by thomas's reply to everything i've asked him about that day's event. It's as if i owe him my life. He is just so rude in answering people and he doesn't know. It's really annoying when someone answers you in a heck care way ( donno, see first, see how loh ) when you are already old enough to make your own decisions. However, i really appreciate those who was really happy that i invited them. It means alot to me.

Feb 9, 2006

Toothy li weiqiang

The winning team

My feet is much better off today. The skin is recovering and i hope this is the last time my itchy hands will peel it ever again. I thought mass run would be fine today, but it ended up that we had to run another extra round just because we were afew seconds late. We didn't have the heart to run the extra mile anyway thinking that we have to save our energy for pe right after the run. But instead of grumbling over pe, i had the shock of my life. I finally saw some team spirit in this class today after 2 years. The number sure is smaller as many left us after N's. However, the spirit of the class is getting higher and it makes me feel high when i think about it. I'm glad to see that suddenly our class is bonding well together in such a short span of time ( except for shrek ). By the way, he didn't come to school today. Winning is a good feeling. Half of us managed to trash the other half of the class by 3 4. Ok, it's not really trash. But we won. Got this disgusting drink called battery from miss thia which my whole class loves. Can't understand why because it really taste like cough mixture. We took a picture for rememberence and poor weiqiang looks really toothy. I think he will kill himself if he sees the picture. Peifang and i went to have our hair cut from the sudden urge. Both turned out fine. Thank you God.

Feb 8, 2006

Kimyen and me

Bleeding feet

This may look crazy but i need to post it before i forget what i have to say. While peeling off my leg skin till it's bleeding, kimyen was sending me a picture of me and her taken today. It was then, then i realised how important it is to step out of our comfort zones. I am so used to my own click of friends be it in church which is with 3 others and in school, i think the whole world knows who that i neglected so many other intresting people around me. I nearly fainted when i passed my N's. I don't know whether i should cry or laugh. Everyone knows i can't study and that's the reason why i'm still stuck in a secondary school with those 13 to 17 years old kids when i'm turing 18 in one month. It's not that i'm anti social but it's just that i want to feel comfortable with my friends that i'm close with. That was when i started suffering going to my chinese lesson alone since sokeyee have left school and peifang's chinese is too pro for me to catch up. I have learnt to take the initiative to make the first move after kimyen did that to me by sitting next to me. And that was when i realised that i've gotten to know her one step closer. I think this goes to everyone as well. School isn't such a torture anymore except the waking up part every morning and i enjoy the times in class cracking around my partner after so many problems. And chinese lesson isn't a nightmare as it was before. I don't like it but i wouldn't mind it.

Big pile of shit

Shrek to be

There is this new guy in our class out of nowhere who freaked out the whole class. I'm not prejudice against him but he is really looking for trouble trying to exhange numbers with every girl which he thinks he can woo. The greatest joke is that he actually thinks that i have the kind of chiong face and wants me to go clubbing with him. What kind of mother shit is this. Yah, i wouldn't mind bringing him to a fan club and go gaga over some pretty guys. I haven't even spoke to him a single word. He is on the move again by asking for another girl's number. Actually i really look up to him in another perspective. He really has this huge self esteem that no one can ever have. His looks isn't any better than shrek the greeny monster. Just that he lacks the two fillers on top of his head and if he was a little bit more greener, he would be close to perfect. Or he can be shrek's buddy. I might sound mean, in fact i sound mean but it's the truth. The slip of paper he wrote to me... i couldn't wait to throw away. But it's still in my bag cause i wanted to upload it up initially. But i rather not after taking a second look. So, i will upload another picture.

Feb 7, 2006

Looking bad


Cooking isn't an easy task at all. It takes hours. We spent the whole afternoon trying out two dishes till dawn. There wasn't any success in the soup. It totally looks mucus. The 3 of us were all busy. Shunbin busy chopping and cooking. Wini and i were also busy reading magazines and sleeping. He was too pro for us to help with anything. I had a good 2 hour afternoon nap. The feeling is shiok. We didn't have the soup because it was destroyed by some kind of corn flour or something. So, i decided to show off some of my skills by frying 3 eggs. It turned out all looking bad. But the taste was great. Chopsticks was used to eat the spaghetti, the bowl looks ugly, and the egg was still in the pan. It all looks disgusting but it just taste good. Haha.

Feb 6, 2006

Love contract

Getting married

The thought of waking up this morning makes me feel like puking. This i admit is a real struggle for me especially when i don't like to be late for any reason. And talking about late, there is no reasons in this world that can explain your lateness. Late is just late and you just need to try harder next time. As the title says, i'm not getting married of cause. But i'm waiting for that day to come true. But, who wants to marry me? Oh well, todays 2 hour long art lesson was a torture for all art students. But it was exceptional for me as i managed to sign a contract with my handsome friend zhenghao. I'll be married to him if both of us are still single by 65 and 66 for me. As you can see, he isn't really that willing to do so. It took me such a long time to persuade him to sign on the paper. He did it in the end. Nothing matters to me anymore. I've got his signature. That's all i need. It's only a nothing better to do thing lah. Hope he doesn't get scared of me. Just realised that i had many messages and miss calls from wini. As i was telling her i can't make it today for them to hop over to try out cooking the dishes for valentine day from the sudden discission by wini, i felt that i should learn to be more paitent in everything i do and make sure that both sides have agreed on any plans then start the doing it before any thing clashes. This is what i've learnt today. Oh well, wini and shunbin is coming afterall.

Feb 5, 2006

Purple pics

Purple midnight

It's 2.30am and im not alone. Shunbin, chngyi and wini is over at my house rushing off some work for our very own valentine day celebration. My room is in a mess, filled with purple stuff lying on the floor as the theme for that day is purple. I want to finish the work asap as i'm really excited. Shunbin had just gotten his pay and he is kind enough to treat us to macdonald. It's really intresting you know. Ordering mac at this time of the day and waiting hungrily for it. The work we've done is all worth it. I'll be amazed if i can keep my eyes open tomorrow during church. =p

Feb 4, 2006

Alive again

It's been one whole year ever since i said i wanted to update my blog. Oh well it's the lazyness problem i guess. It really took me such a long time to figure out from changing my template to even posting a new post. That's how ediot i am. Previously it was peifang who did every single thing for me. But from now on, i've decided to build it up myself. But i still have the greatest problem yet unsolved. I still have no idea how on earth to upload a picture. I guess i still need her. It really makes me wonder how can guys ever do up their own blog when it took me a while to do so. One year have passed, eveything has just started anew, i'm still stuck in the stupid school ( what a joke ) and i've decided to wake up my blog. Haha yeah man. =P


Testing testing 123.