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Apr 30, 2006

He finally replied

Hello JOY!!! My tokyo life is so busy. And I can't use internet in my new house. So, I can't send message to you soon. sorry... But, my new house is near Yuka's university. So, I met and went shopping with her this week. And you will come to Japan! Realy!? I want to meet you again! But, I don't know my June schedule. I will tell you my free day when I know it. I look foward to meet your unty and her friend's family. Bye.

Apr 28, 2006

4th attempt

Bloody hell stupid

Finally, english exam over! But i don't think i did a fabulous job instead i had a fabulous endurance of the heat. Both the letter writing and compo was not here not there lah! Bummer! Especially for the last two parts which consists of summary writing and explanations of words picked from the passage. Totally a crappy job. Even i myself didn't understand what i was writing. I was simply just scribbling words that came into my mind at the point of time ( which were all wrong by the way ). I thought i had a good sense of time management. Instead i found out that i had a really bad eyesight. Further more, i mistook the time for handing up the scripts causing me to write hurriedly without heed to legibility. Bleah! =P Any o how is the perfect word to describe the whole paper. And, i was bloody hell stupid to misinterpret all the explanations of the words. All i could remember was the first 1 was surely wrong, subsequently, the rest were wrong as well. I described spectrum as a circle. Diao right? Whatever. What's over is over. I can't change the world either. Haha. After some 'hardship', i went for some shopping with kimyen to destress. Bought a oil bloter and spent most of my money on food. Later on met up with bethia, jules and jiehuai and continued spending money on food. My dad just called seconds ago. He is buying food back from jalan kayu for supper. I will sleep with a bloated stomach tonight i guess.

Apr 25, 2006

I sleep, do you?

Sleep, sleep, sleep. That's all i ever do. I 'certainly' did had my royal sleep with the phone ringing every single minute. Message number 1 : Kia kia, school ask bring thermometer tomorrow. They kia si. Hahahaha, so funny, hahaha. Message number 2 : Ling zhi ling left hander. Message number 3 : She eat left hand, write right hand. Haha. Message number 4 : Ok, sorry. It all ended after my threatening message. GIVE ME PEACE!!! Haha. You would have guessed who was that by now. It's none other then peifang. I need alot of sleep, a fan of sleeping. I'm sure you too. Finally, i got back my nano. Life's back to normal i guess. I tried listeing to songs with my previous brandless and extremely cheap mp3 which i treasure alot because it has never given me any problemos ( not at the moment ) compared to those expensive ones. I shall not mention names incase i kena sue. The sound was lousy. Not bass, no nuts. I met up with raymund for a quick while to get it back. Super!!! More stretches. I think it's the ear piece. You know how fragile a nano is. And that can be quite irritating sometimes. It was designed in such a delicate way but the niceness doesn't last long. Haha, that's all i can say about it other then the great sound system. Off to sleep.

Apr 24, 2006

The click five

Good day

I woke up early in my hotel room
Wait for my alarm to go
I think about things i've gotta do
Damn my mind is gonna blow

I'm thinking out about whats ahead
Maybe i'll just stay in bed
Cause its no fun to be the one going out of my head
So i tell it to myself agian

Your looking for something you can't find
If you give it up you'll lose your mind
Theres always something in your way
What can you say
Your gonna have a good day

I quit my job about a week ago
Told that i need some time
Now i'm going strong on lexapro
Doctor says i'm doing fine

I'm thinking out about whats ahead
Maybe i'll just stay in bed
Cause its no fun to be the one going out of my head
So i tell it to myself agian

Your looking for something you can't find
If you give it up you'll lose your mind
Theres always something in your way
What can you say
Your gonna have a good day

Jostling about i couldnt lose
I realized its the only thing i knew

I'm freaking out about whats ahead
Maybe i'll just stay in bed
Cause its no fun to be the one going out of my head
So i tell it to myself
Tell it to myself
Tell it to myself agian

Your looking for something you can't find
If you give it up you'll lose your mind
Theres always something in your way

Your looking for something you can't find
If you give it up you'll lose your mind
Theres always something in your way
What can you say

Your looking for something you can't find
If you give it up you'll lose your mind
Theres always something in your way
What can you say
Your gonna have a good day

Apr 23, 2006


Sharks!!! I left my nano at raymund's place and brought home a headache and pimple soon gonna explode due to it's size. Bummer!!!

Apr 22, 2006

Great minds think alike

Oh boy

Oh boy, you gotta open and speak up.

Apr 21, 2006

You gotta check this out

Apr 19, 2006

The picture says it all


Finally! I got this picture from miss lim bin ever since last year's trip to beijing. Although i knew all along that somehow i will get this picture eventually, i didn't expect to get it only after 1 year. The process i went through before getting it was atrocious. Monstrous i would say. I had to greet her when i see her wholeheartedly with an unreserved enthusiasm, do some kind of boring old maths test and smile gracefully. Most of the time she often forgets. I reminded her like a million times till i gave up myself. If not for melvin, i wouldn't had gave a damn. But somehow i feel shiok uploading this picture. I guess it's because it has my face in it. This picture was taken on the first day we reached china. It all started off when the black guy interrupted into my picture when peifang was trying to take a photo of me and the palace. I turned around, quite pissed as he should have eyes to see that someone is posing for a photo. Therefore he should have the courtesy or rather common sense to not block. But after i turned around, i frozed. For a second i thought i was in a dream. Not that i'm a super big fan of shin lah, i'm sure normal singaporeans will get surprised when they see someone famous. Better still, i saw them in china out of nowhere in a sudden. Melvin's reaction was what i remembered most. He is a fan of theirs. He was so engrossed with them that he just hopped up in glee. Haha. Melvin, i owe you this.

Apr 18, 2006

Acid bar

Land of nod

I was fast going off to the land of nod when i realised that i still had pictures sitting on my desktop waiting to be uploaded in my blog before i can delete it. In order to clear the mess out of my desktop ( computer infact ), i'm not gonna be lazy and keep this task till tomorrow. Tomorrow has it's own worries and stuff to be done. =)

Apr 17, 2006

Makan time

My very own magician friend

I have a feeling that i haven't blogged for quite awhile. But as i looked back, i just blogged last friday. Ok i admit i'm kind of dragging myself to blog lately and some post are really long-winded. That's because i'm feeling really hankered. I gotta endure my desire to blog more often and throw away my restlessness that is sticking around. The cloud juice might be partially the reason why i'm feeling a little sluggish. Haha. Right! Now i'm complaining about the cat-and-dog weather. It isn't a fabulous feeling to be wet. Thinking about how i spent my weekend, i think i would say two thumbs up. I was out all the way yet didn't felt bored at all. But i'm kind of burned-out today in school. Haha. Dinner at geylang with bethia, weixiang, farand, daniel, shunbin, eric, jules, weihao and magician was great. As their names says it all, me and eric almost died seeing mr magician performed his tricks. It was totally freaky and scary lah! Imagine seeing a spoon bend by itself. Or even better, the deck of cards just moved smoothly in his hands. There were many more. My favourite trick was the card that changed in my own bare hands. He was ermm... unbelievable and incredible. Oh my gosh! I have a magician friend. The funniest part was he doesnt repeat his tricks. I guess because it prevents the trick from being exposed. 'I don't repeat my tricks'. I'll never forget.

Apr 14, 2006

Good friday

Happy good friday everyone =)

Apr 12, 2006

My holiday is back

I'm back home, staring blankly at the screen for almost 10 mins before i started typing a thing. The japan trip this june came like a bombshell. I can't believe it! I'm going to tokyo for a week in a click ( that actually rhymes ). Just because i wanted to go for a holiday so badly before i leave for adelaide, my mum allowed, and simku didn't give a second thought. Tickets have been booked, room reservations have been made and i still can't believe that i'm going. These happened all in a sudden. My first time ever family holiday with both simku and my parents have been cancelled due to my oversea's studies. The school fees, expenses, etc etc are gonna cost them a bomb. Therefore my mum 'postponed' it till 'nobody knows when'. Haha. On the other hand, i was insensitive enough to mooch and nagg at simku forcing her to bring me somewhere other then malaysia and indonesia. I've been there my whole life. It started off from hongkong to korea to china and i even humbled myself to agree to go to vietnam. Haha. And the list goes on as long as it wasn't malaysia and indonesia. I'm actually lucky that aunty jin is going there with her family hence, simku agreed to tag along together with me. If it's not for aunty jin, fat hope. I can foget about stepping into japan with simku or so to say a holiday. Ok, so much for a trip that i haven't been. I can't believe what will happen to my posts when i return.

Apr 11, 2006


I just shrunk an inch.
Would you be the one to lenghten me?

Apr 10, 2006

In 3rd we have tgt

I will never forget

The weather changed drastically before and after i had my afternoon nap. Now that i'm woken up by some anonymous calls, the heat in my room is long gone. I just realised that my previous posts are like kind of short. I don't know why it just gets shorter. Does it shows that i'm actually running out of stuff to blog? I definitely hope not. Well, school ended and i'm totally exhausted after yesterday's strenuous captian ball. I was the catcher actually. Althought i'm not physically moving vigorously, since i'm the catcher, my mind had to be fast in responding. And that's really tiring if not my team would be dead duck. My team was dashing all the way. You could see all of them dying to grab hold of the ball. All means and ways were used just to make sure i could catch the ball. Our efforts were paid off, we went into the semi-finals. That was when we met trashers. Wow! They really live up to their name. Any team that has meets them, will be trashed in other words. You know why? Because weixiang and eric was part of the team. Bleah! In conclusion, we got 3rd. Haha, not bad but no price. Right now, i really regret drawing those indian hand painting on my right hand. I don't know what you actually call that but it's smells like cow dung and it's dark green in colour which will stay on your hand for at least 2 weeks. The reason is because the pattern that i drew is super ugly. All i can say is, i can't wait for it to fade off. One whole bunch of indonesian students ( i guess they are from jakarta ) visited our school today. Of all schools, why woodgrove? We ( girls, or maybe only peifang and i ) were excited about it when we heard that they will be coming into our class. Our heart dropped when one entered. Chubby and... branded. Yup, branded is the word. When we entered the libary, that was when we got a shock of our lives, all from them, infact from head to toe, billabong, billabong, billabong. Ben ho, no fight ah! I wonder if the only shops available in jarkarta is billabong. This whole situation reminds of my china trip. I smell the same excitment. Awww!!! I will never forget.

Apr 9, 2006

Sunday's sunday

Happy birthday bethia =)

Apr 7, 2006

Together gather

I made a secret

News reported that although it has been raining at least once a day, the temperature will continue to rise these few months up till august. Hence, the chance of getting infacted by dengue fever is damn high. I'm not so bothered by the teensy mosquitoes but rather the hot weather. I just wish that i could be the flock of birds that migrate seasonally from a cooler region to another to escape from the heat. How can we ever concerntrate in class in such a uncomfortable weather. Schools seriously needs air-con to live on. Haha. Especially those students who are taking their o level this year, Having an air-conditioned room would really benefit them. Actually i'm refering to myself too. As you can see from the above picture, we are 'really' studying hard till we look like total nerds. Above you have me starring as nerdy chang and toothy li standing beside me. School is getting more exciting each day. The reason i will not publish out at the moment ( top secret ), but i guess there are afew who knows why. Hehe. Maybe sometime later when things are in good shape. Today is zhirong's birthday. Erm, yah, so, happy birthday dude. That's all for today folks.

Apr 6, 2006

Happy belated birthday ryan

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birrrthday to ryannn,
Haaappy birrrthdayyy tooo youuu.

Apr 5, 2006

Nice try

The uncertainty is killing me

I'm back infront of my screen after a hot shower on a hot day. Coming to think of my life, it's really no life. I'm stuck in the middle of no where. I don't know what's going on and to add on, i feel a sense of uncertainty in me. Maybe it's because i merely denote a lack of assurance. Most people claim that the saddest thing that can ever happen to a person is when someone dear to you pass away. I somehow visualize that the saddest thing that can happen to a human being is when you feel hopeless and that you want to perish. Just dissappear. But you can't, and you don't have the guards to make it happen. I'm seriously feeling that now but i don't think i'll do anything stupid. God says i'm here for a reason.I just have to wait for Him to show me.

Apr 3, 2006

Say hi to spag and tub


I guess this post will add another month to my archive. My room is in total darkness right now eventhough it's only 4.48pm. The sun is covered by the dark clouds causing the sky to be murky. I survived today without peifang as she didn't appear in school. I think today was the only day ever since school started that i actually spoke nothing in class. No discussion and argument over that two jap freaks, no laughter. First and formost, i want to thank God for giving me the courage and endurance to face school and everyone. Though i'm a loner sometimes, i'd die if no one is present beside me. Secondly, thank you kimyen for the heavenly lunch. Haha. Talking about peifang, she have been updating her blog quite often despite her spoilt computer. As she wrote those words, her pc is down. It's up for a while, then down again. And the cycle repeats itself. This reminds me of my own pc when it was down due to some computer heckers. They will do what they desire ( mess up the internet ) and cause a whole lot of inconvenience. Ok, back to her topic. Hence, i was the one who updated her post. It has been a challenging task to brainstorm for the title for her post. I just did one today before blogging in mine. What's gonna happen in school tomorrow i don't know. But for sure i want the rain to come to a stop because my hand is exploding. I actually found out after staring at my both my left and right hand for 5 mins and realised that my left is swollen and bigger than the right. I shall go into my beauty sleep now. Will my hand recover after i wake up?