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Nov 29, 2009

New moon

Edward out
Jacob in

Nov 27, 2009

To cease or fail to remembeR

Nov 23, 2009

Vodka rock

I'll gulp this down, kiss my macho and die.
Will you both give me space to breathe,
And quit telling me what to do?

Nov 22, 2009

Beautiful & macho

Nov 21, 2009

Ladies night

Watcha say?
Jai ho!

Nov 17, 2009

Whatever you like

Late night sex so wet so tight
I'll gas up the jet for you tonight
Baby you can go where you like

Yeah i want your body, i need your body
Long as you got me you won't need nobody
You want it, i got it
Go get it, i buy it
Tell them other broke brothers be quiet

Nov 15, 2009

I love my boyfriend because...

Lovely surprise <3

Nov 9, 2009

Swissotel/Swiss Care products

Everyday a new day dawning, i wake up with a bitter heart and step into Swissotel hoping for a better day. The answer is always a no. Feel like stabbing myself just so that i can skip work. Even for a day would be nice. I'm driving on a bumpy road, being mindful of my dad's position. Why aren't my classmates on the same path as me? Why am i leaving my hands with a rough touch everytime i end work? When will i ever end this sorrow. On another note, this is what you get for bullying a housekeeping trainee. Lesser amenities in your cart. Because it's all lying in my luggage for my dream vacation. Beautiful & macho + me you nana.

Nov 7, 2009

Me you nana

I can't wait for our trip,
Totally happy for nana,
Shoulders always there for cyl,
Middle finger always ready to f her bastards.
Me you nana

Nov 5, 2009

Rock me

Anna Sui Rock Me,
You'll be mine...someday!

Nov 1, 2009


Happy 3rd month=)