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Jul 31, 2006

Injured X3

Bummer! I injured myself 3 weeks in a row. Is this some kinda curse of something? Rotten luck! Previously was my arms, last week was my knee which is not even heeled yet and look what i brought home today. A red eye! My right eye got poked by accident and it's going through some internal bleeding i know. It hurts a lot especially when water sips in because of the spiltted outer layer of the eye ball. The feeling is...classic. It makes me look as if i have an abusive father who caused physical injury to me the past 3 weeks or so. Heck! How can anyone injured herself every single week? Except for me! Right now, i can only cross my fingers and pray that i don't get blind.

Jul 30, 2006

Joy & street-singers at shinsaibashi

My hair

My dad commented that my hair was too gold for school. He said that i should respect the school rule which i think it's very right. But i told him something. I don't think that there is a need for me to respect a lousy school with nasty teachers. Amen! Off i go for my assumpious dinner.

Jul 29, 2006

Praise & worship

God and woogrove

I just woke up from a few glasses of vodka cranberry and 2 super expensive plates of topshell with freshly chopped onion sprinkled on top at some fancy bar that swirls around the staircase opposite stadium waterfront after yesterday's praise and worship. The band was fantastic. But i thought if they'd sung hillsong's song instead, it would be pefect. It's been a long time every since i worshipped God with praises for 2 whole hours and i'm waiting for hillsongs to come again and flood the whole indoor stadium with our reverent love and devotion for God. I just did a noble thing and i seriously want to continue this spirit. My neighbour has just kindly gave me a box of brownies. The movtives behind the box was she wanted to ask me for my opinion if she should enroll her son into woodgrove or evergreen secondary. Although both names sounds super 'kuku' and both are as lousy, i warned about woodgrove secondary. Big no no to woodgrove secondary school because it drives the students to not to poly or jc but to woodbridge. As a student, it's my responsibility to stop kids from entering sucky schools like mine. Right!

Jul 28, 2006

Taste of heaven

Anyone have any idea where can i actually purchase this particular kit kat? Money isn't a problem. I'm willing to pay a boom even for a bite. The problem is i really regret for not buying back more when i was in japan. I've been searching for this flavour high and low but all i can ever find is the old and boring flavour wrapped in an angpao look-alike. Ever since i finished my last packet, i've been craving for it. It's covered with white chocolate and has a pinch of pinkish raspberry bits. It's the taste of heaven. Definitely! Plus a sip of chilled coke would be perfect. Lobang anyone? It's my all time favourite and my biggest dream apart from being an air stewardess is that everytime i open my fridge beside my bed, these kit kats will just tumble down and flood my room. I'll be the happiest girl in town. =)

Jul 27, 2006


Not again

Not again! But truely again, i fell down this morning during mass run. And the moment i landed flat on the ground, my dream of being an air stewardess scattered. I can predict that there will be a super duper big scar on my right knee cap in time to come. I'm willing to turn back time and exchange my fall with another extra round. Too bad, only the word 'woow' came out from peifang's mouth rather than her hand first. She didn't manage to break my fall, and we started laughing again. Maybe i was crying a little when i thought of my scattered dream. Haha. Last week was blue blacks and bruises and look what i brought back this week. No no, i didn't bring back anything. I left my dead skin lying on the car park floor instead. Bummer! Blood is flowing down like chili sauce and i feel like diping it with macdonal's fries. I don't know how long will it take to heal this time but off i go now to start chasing my dream again by applying antiseptic cream.

Jul 26, 2006

Superman on the left looks sexier

Superman to the rescue

The superman on the left is here to rescue me from that sucker who has a name which is as sucky name ee chong. The real superman is busy with more important stuff like chopping off ee chong's body. It's a difficult task because he has a body ratio 4 is to 6. He has a mordant wit, very wicked and vicious even. Smoke is coming out from my nose already! I should just limn the familiar perfections of my art work before i shoot up the roof.

Jul 25, 2006

Left-handers secretly ruling the world

Jul 24, 2006

Joy & future baker

Bread anyone

How nice is it to be back home after a hot day at school tolerating those idotic teachers nonsense. School to me is like a giant sauna. It just steams the bad mood out of us giving students terrible headache. And so, i walked out of my forever dirty classroom and headed right to my favourite pathway that leads to the bus stop immediately after the bell rang. Not even a second later because heading home is like heaven to me. I carried along my art work home in a super humongous file not because it's a bon ton but because i'm forced to draw something before it gets too late and i end up scribbling. Those enormous drawing blocks kept on sliping away from my fingers i got so irritated i nearly gave up picking them up again and again. Upon bending down and stretching my arms to pick them up, i wondered, if i might let my bag slip down from my shoulder as well and fly to japan with singyen to take up the bakery course. Then return after 2 years and bake lovely and tasty japanese bread. It didn't even occurred to me how pretty and fragrant those breads were when i was in japan a month ago. I remember that i'll only feel satisfied and go to bed only if i swallow 1 sauage bread down my troat every night while i charge my nano. Baker joy? Joy bread? Joyous bakery? Joyful bread? Haha.

Jul 23, 2006

Cool peeps with lousy performance

No suitable title

I ate like 4 meals in total today i feel like exploding. The most recent i ate was claypot noodle with raymund and wini and i promise myself not to order that untill at least a month later. The worst thing was i even went to sentosa for 2 hours to rakee out the open sunday thingy and rushed back to church. As i walked around the sky tower munching my italian bmt with my steady jaws looking at the crowd ranging from china men to ang mohs, i really don't understand why they chose to spend their holiday in singapore. 1 word for them, bummer! It's a waste. There's nothing in singapore except for good security. At the rate i'm going, i'll die of exhaustion. I'm feeling so burned out after yesterday's school concert and supper and today's rakee out. Frankly speaking, my school band really suck big time. Even the elementary band is indeed much better off. Shame on them. But supper was fun lah. We look lots of photos i don't know when will i be able to finish posting them all up before i can continue with my japan photos. Argh! Looks like i've got a long way to go. Tomorrow is monday and i'm getting the chills already. I'm sad but happy in a way because another week has passed. I hope i can survive tomorrow's pe. Pe has always been so torturing it pierces through my skin. Darn! It has really been awhile ever since i typed so much till i think i should stop because i'm getting tired again. Haha.

Jul 22, 2006

Racial harmony day 06

Jul 21, 2006

Cheena over nasi lemak aunty

After a long night of thinking and consideration, i chose cheena over nasi lemak aunty. Zoey said that the malay costume looks like what the aunty who sells nasi lemak behind church wear every sunday. And so, i rather i look like a waitress from a chinese resturant to end the day.

Jul 20, 2006

Which should i wear tomorrow

The losing side

Here is something pretty stright forward for today. When i live by faith, i win. When i live by sight, i lose. I win means that i've victory over the trails in my life. I remain strong and true to God. It means i'm conquering temptation. and living without compromise. It means not always needing to see the next step before i trust God's word and follow him. But, it's easier said than done. What if i'm on the losing side? I think i'm on the losing side.

Jul 19, 2006

Violence is love

I'm gonna go home

I'm secretly blogging in school.
I'm gonna go home in 25 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 24 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 23 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 22 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 21 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 20 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 19 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 18 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 17 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 16 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 15 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 14 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 13 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 12 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 11 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 10 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 9 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 8 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 7 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 6 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 5 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 4 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 3 minutes time.
I'm gonna go home in 2 minutes times
I'm dying of excitment because i'm gonna go home in a minute.
With my blue blacks and bruises,
I'm going home to prepare.
Pirates of the caribbean here i come.
Wait for me momma.

Jul 18, 2006

I wish, i pray

Jul 17, 2006

Listening comprehension

I can relax a bit now because o level chinese is finally over. Every freaking o level paper that has to do with chinese from oral to listening comprehension, finito! I've no idea whether i can even pass, but i'm just glad that it has ended. One lesser torturing subject to worry about, meaning my sorrows have lessened an inch. Although it's abit stupid for an 18 year old kid to listen to some made up stories and shade the correct answers, i thank God that at least i don't have to study for today's paper. Whoever fails today's listening comprehension is a dumb ass. Can i speak english now?

Jul 16, 2006

Come what may

I love sundays in a way or 2,
because it marks the end of the week,
and a new week for me to struggle with.
Even though i know,
that i'll suffer upon the coming week,
i'm willing to let it come.
Come what may.
The faster my sorrows will end,

and i always tell myself, ever again to set foot in my school,
>Not even the bus stop. Come what
may, because i'm dying to break free.Free myself, free joy, free me.
And i always ponder,with thoroughness and care, when will my school collapse and turn into dust,
blown away by the wind. I'll be the happiest girl.
Come what may.

Jul 15, 2006

Deep and meaningful saturday

I had a meaningful saturday,
Too meaningful till i've nothing to say.
Actually it's nothing much,
But just some tidying of my stuff.
I managed to put back my room into 1 piece,
So that i can finally sleep in peace.
It's been a long time since i had a neat room,
That's the reason why i'm still holding a broom.
Dinner was on my dad,
Sounds cool but that was the worst dinner i ever had.
All i need now is a can of luncheon meat,
Cos that's what i love to eat.
Deep and meaningful saturday,
Go, go, go all the way.

Jul 14, 2006

Steam boat fans


Worms, worms, worms! I'm in love with the game and what's even better was when i won peifang 2 games in a row. The feeling was terrific. I thought and wishfully hoped that steam boat will be on her for losing. But i ended up paying my sorrows away. Bummer! We came home with the dyes for our hair and mine turned out beautifully brown. I got a shock of my life when i suddenly realised that GCE chinese o level listening comprehension is on monday. What more can happen? The most i kena bend from the paper and fail. By then, i'll be a piece of dead meat eating my sorrows away. After dying our hair, we did a little bit of excercise by walking to the bus stop to meet chingyi. Headed off to mac with caleb and raymund. Blurted out some nonsensical nonsense, laughed at afew twits and i ate again. Finally, thank God it's friday. TGIF!

Jul 13, 2006

My impossible dream team

Life's boring

Life's boring.
It has always been.
Same old colourless day,
With the same old routine.
Dull, flat, dead, tiresome and unexciting.
So what's there more to say?
Then to post up the photo that i took,
With my impossible dream team.
Kar kar, you're the hottest!
Nothing is impossible.
Just like how my life can get so boring after a while.
This picture can spice up my life for at least a sec.

Jul 12, 2006

Forever pink

If i have a white blog,
I'll want my thoughts to be in black.
If i have a black blog,
I'll want it to be in white.
But now that i have a pink blog,
I want all my thoughts to be in pink.

Jul 11, 2006

Caught in action

Bullet train

Riding on the bullet train in japan was no joke for us. It's not just any train. It's a high speed passenger train which travels up to 500km per hour, making it only an hour to reach kyoto from tokyo. The shinkansen has acquired it's enviable record for safety and punctuality. Smoothness is also 1 important factor. I heard from tong that the bullet train actually runs without wheels but on magnets. North magnet as the 'wheels' and similar to the rail causing it to repel, thus giving the passengers a floating sensation. The front duck's mouth look alike causes it to move. The design isn't very pleasing but i'm sure they are coming up with even nicer and faster ones right now, this very second. You know... japs. They can never lose out. One thing for sure, singapore's very own mrt looks unsightly. Just a more nicer way of saying that it's ugly actually. It moves so slowly even cars go faster. In japan, it's the opposite which i think makes more sense. It goes so fast, i'm lucky to catch it with my camera. Bullet train, my number 1 choice!

Jul 10, 2006


Smart in a stupid way

He had eyes like crazy diamonds.
The door that closed like eye lids.
Sometimes i smell the perfume,
That he was wearing on that day.
He looked up and asked me,
If i ever had a lover that i did not potrait.
And i turned on the radio and looked the other way.
He said,
I'm smart but in a stupid way.
And this is the price that you paid.
For being smart in a stupid way.
Standing there staring why your love walked away.
Being smart in a stupid way.
And i wonder if there is anyone that i'll ever love in anyway.
Maybe i'll grow up some day.
Maybe this pain will go away.
So why is my heart so mellow?
Why are my dreams so shallow?
Why don't i ever have anything that's the same?
And why is my love so far away?

Jul 9, 2006

The finals

The time now is 10.57pm.
3 hours & 3 more minutes to go before every body wakes up.
France vs italy.
Finals finally.
I take no sides,
But i support the good looking ones.
No more late nights,
Students will have no more excuses to pon school.
Singapore pools might close down after this last match.
I hope it closes forever.
It's 11 already.
I think i should get some sleep.

Jul 8, 2006

My colourful life

Does this colour works? Is it difficult to read? Is this better than black? Or does it makes no diff? I want to add some colours in my life. And i want to be all dressed up for any where. My daily life is too dull, and i'm mostly in black all the time. Black makes the peeps look slim, but i guess it's just a matter of self confidence. Bad days are usually a mixture or grey and red. Normal days are usually in blue. Lazy days are usually in purple. But my days are mostly in pink. That's why i want my colourful life. I regretted not bringing my pink camera along when i stepped out of my gate this morning. There were so many things for me to take be it for rememberence, or for fun with my artistic photo taking skill. The thing was, my mind just refuses to allow me to turn around when it suddenly popped in my mind that i'm missing something important. My pink camera. I've placed it right next to my eyes so that i'll be able to see it at all times. I love taking photographs. And although i'm a hard core fan of an air stewardess, i wouldn't mind being a photographer if none of those airlines accept me because of my big stomach. Pictures tells me the story of my life. I want to see my 18 year old life when i'm 80. I don't care if i have bad eye sight then, i just want to remember what i've done today, tomorrow and forever even it it's a day with naggings from my mum. I still like this colour best. =)

Jul 7, 2006

I want to be a millionaire

I want to be a millionaire. I wish that i'm a millionaire. I hope that i can be a millionaire. Once i'm a millionaire, i'll stop school for good and i'll throw away all my books and files, including my pencil case. I'll hire my personal lawyer and sue my school for having nasty teachers so that woodgrove will close down. I'll buy a big house for me and my drop dead good looking husband to live in somewhere near... ( location not yet decided ). 10 meters away will be a even bigger house for simku, mum, dad and cici. I'll build a pink dog house with sparkling diamonds on it so that no one will mistaken her as a male anymore. And i'll feed her with chocolate cake for dessert. I'll hire 4 maids for simku and my parents, and have the 3 maids to massage them everynight before sleeping. 1 will wash the dishes for me. Another new subway outlet which sells only italian bmt will be located next to my house. I'll fly in my private plane even if the distance is only from my house to causeway point, and i'll paint it pink with my own hands. I'll go shopping with wini, zoey,chari or peifang not in orchard road but in london or rome and i'll buy back hundreds or LV bags eventhough i don't really appreciate them. 20 for my friends, and 20 for my family members ( only those who treat me well ). I'll buy my besties each a house beside mine on their birthday, and have pyjamas party every night, for girls only. And because i'm filthy rich, i'll go for liposuction to suck out all my excess fatty tissue. I'll get someone to mani and pedicure my nails every week, so that i don't have to strain my eyes with my bad eyesight to paint my toe nails. It will be nicely done in no time with pop up stickers on it. In pink. I don't have to be an air stewardess by that time to tour around the universe. I'll make sure i visit the countries i want to go every 2 months and bring my smelly pillow along too. No one can stop me. And because i'm travelling so frequently, i'll change my passport picture to a prettier one. I'll change lots of 1 dollar coin to snap and snap again and again in the phototaking machine with the curtains closed untill i'm satisfied with my photo. My wardrobe will have many many pairs of shorts. It will all be in different sizes, lenght, design and colours. I'll wear them even when i sleep. I want to be a millionaire, i wish that i'm a millionaire and i hope to be a millionaire, now, now, now! I'll go buy toto.

Jul 6, 2006

2.7km long shopping street

Jul 5, 2006

Making music = happiest moments

I want to lead a happy life

I just woke up and had a little fresh air after i opened my window. The afternoon heat that shines into my room is always so unbearable. It always makes me feel even more depressed. I've been really lazy for the past few weeks as you can see, i've been posting photos and more photos. I think i'm just hiding my world by putting up pictures instead of brainstorming on what i should write. It's really easy to post them up. But i finally found out that there are alot more in my life. I'm restricted to write only certain things because some people who are not suppose to know my blog knows. Yes! You! I'm currently struggling in between 2 blogs. One which i can really write about the real me and my real feelings. Not that people who are reading my blog are invading my secrets. What's the point of having a blog when i can't write my true feelings in it. I guess recently i've been too close for comfort and i finally woke up. Life isn't as simple, but one thing that i'm sure of is that i'm at least living for God. Though my daily life is just roaming around aimlessly and blogging, i know for sure i'm going to heaven if i die. So it doesn't matter even if i'm not living my life to the fullest. According to the world's aspect, fullest means getting all A's for studies, making big money every second and singing through the happy hours. But what i've discovered is, i can live just to go to church every sunday. Meet those khakis, have lunch, get cosy and worship. Other than that, i think the happiest moment in my life in the current stage is when i'm up for youth band. Not for the fame, but when i can make music with my own fingers, and when my part adds on with the others to create a complete song, that's when i'm the happiest. School, is meaningless to me. Infact it has been such a dread to step into it ever since i first went in. With the nasty teachers and disgusting food that i have to bare for 5 days a week, it's difficult to survive really! I can't believe how i got through these 6 years. You know how much i want time to fly right now? I still have 5 more months to go, but i'm dying end it right here, right now. I know how to lead a happy life. But at the rate i'm going, it's never gonna come soon. I want to lead a happy life! This much <--------------------------------------------> I'm not writing for sympathy, but i need to express myself. If not i gonna explode and become one of those sor sor's. I'll stop the japan pictures for a day. =)

Jul 4, 2006

Getting into you by relient k

when i made up my mind
and my heart along with that
to live not for myself
but yet for God
somebody said
"do you know what you are getting yourself into?"

when i finally ironed out
all of my priorities
and asked God to remove the doubt
that makes me so unsure of these
things i ask myself
i ask myself
"do you know what you are getting yourself into?"

i'm getting into you
because you got to me
in a way words can't describe
i'm getting into you
because i've got to be
you're essential to survive
i'm going to love you with my life

when he looked at me and said
"i kind of view you as a son"
and for a second our eyes met
and i met that with a question
"do you know what you are getting yourself into?"

i'm getting into you
because you got to me
in a way words can't describe
i'm getting into you
because i've got to be
you're essential to survive
i'm going to love you with my life

i've been a liar and i'll never amount to
the kind of person you deserve to worship you
you say you will not dwell on what i did but
rather what i do you say
"i love you and that's
what you are getting yourself into"

i'm getting into you
because you got to me
in a way words can't describe
i'm getting into you
because i've got to be
you're essential to survive
i'm going to love you with my life

you said "i love you and that's what you're getting into"

Jul 3, 2006