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Nov 30, 2006

Vivo madness

Nov 29, 2006

To our raymund

Happy happy birthday!

Nov 28, 2006

Life right now

I'm amazed at the rate of busyness i'm going till i've actually zero time to blog for more than a week or so already. But i've to admit, sleeping was part of my busy schedule. That can't be helped. Now that my excitement over finishing my o's are over, i'm struggling over getting a job or whether should i not. I'm packed till at january at least. But i need the big bucks for my hongkong trip. Hmmmmm...there's always my aunty for backup. Haha! Recently i've been buying, eating, shopping, shopping and more shopping with my pals. Basically just enjoying life like i've always done. That caused me to forget all about my com's presence. And my pretty fingernails too! I can't bare to damage it by typing too much. Next tons of pictures will be left for peifang to help me upload. Heee...cheeky. Lastly, life's alright.

Nov 16, 2006

Happy birthday wini

How does it feel like getting old?

Nov 15, 2006

How are angles made

Can you lay your life down so that a stranger could live? Can you take what you need and take less than you give? Could you close everyday without the glory and fame? Could you hold your head high when no one knows your name? Can you loose everything you ever had planned? Can you sit down again and play another hand? Could you risk everything for the chance to be alone? When the pressure find the breeze would you be coming down? Thats how angles are made. At least thats what they say.

Nov 13, 2006

First pit stop : singapore

Nov 12, 2006

I love the number 4

Nov 11, 2006

1 stupid conversation

caleb says:
sat i not free
caleb says:
coz i got some excersion
Control your loose lips ☆ says:
going where
Control your loose lips ☆ says:
forest ah
caleb says:
forest ur head la
caleb says:
discovery center!!!!
Control your loose lips ☆ says:
i very hardworking this whole month
caleb says:
chiong vcd ah
Control your loose lips ☆ says:
vcd your head ah
caleb says:
u pirated queen wat
Control your loose lips ☆ says:
i study maths
caleb says:
not like me 100% original

Nov 8, 2006

So much for ageing

Cici is ageing. So is peifang in an hour's time. Both are heading towards their advanced years. Their young age is a particular period of history and i can see their eyes dimed with age. As they mature like wine, cheese and wood, i pray for staying young pills. Amen!

Nov 7, 2006

Jumping issue

Step out a little from the inside and jump a little further.

Nov 6, 2006

Talk maths

Ah bla bla bla pui ding dong kling changggg!!! Thank you for listening:)

Nov 5, 2006

Something called friendship

Sometimes they make me giggle out of nowhere. Just like how i'm smiling in my heart to see her run across an unsheltered small road accompanied with the soul of the other clinging on to her skinny waiste and handed me a pink packet of pink sweets. Though it's not a whole lum sum of money, it's better than a milo 3-in1 packet whom they recieved eariler from someone who is super encouraging. They give me sweets, i'll give them prayer tonight. For i know they'll pray for me for tomorrow, i'll give them something called friendship forever.

Nov 4, 2006

My hero

My teacher

Rest well my friends. There a mountain of things to teach tomorrow. Nah... a picture for you. Heee!

Nov 3, 2006

M to the power of 4

My exams are killing my softly. Maths make me mad. And so does those who ever taught me. I really pitty them. Nah...a sweet for you! Heeee!

Nov 1, 2006

Good question

Why do i seldom blog these days?