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Jan 29, 2007

So happening

Trust me i'm working really hard now that i'm just taking a break while the boss is taking his. It has been a hectic week with enough problems i have to start facing when i return from hongkong. Problems here, problems there, even underneath your pants. I never really mentioned about the fact that i'll be leaving for hongkong in 3 days time. I haven't really done my packing yet because i was busy running around. That was how i met fei lun hai while running across the road. They are sure a bunch of good lookers but a bunch that resembles F4 with no talents. Dropped by at IMM yesterday and was hoping to do some last minute shopping at daiso and IMM was fully packed with little fan girls waiting anxiously for fei lun hai. Screaming and squeezing was their forte and sure was i packed like sardines. And with joy the great around, i quickly took out my 6 megapixel camera and snapped a few shots of them for rememberence because i did not do so the night before. I was busy gossiping about them. Looking at those pittyful girls who waited their ass away for them for a short glance on stage, i feel sorry for them but proud of myself for the good lookers were walking right behind wini's, jule's and my butt along the orchard stretch. How happening!

Jan 23, 2007

Joy is burning hot

For a moment i thought i was gonna burn into a big flame due to my high fever. The heat seems like it's never ending. This is what happens when your boss dotes on you too much. I haven been going to work since yesterday. Lucky me. I hate mondays especially.

Jan 21, 2007

Rain is coming down

Due to the off & on rain, i'm having a pretty bad flu and cough. And talking about rain, this hottie superstar is in singapore right now probably enjoying the luxurious view of the merlion while munching away his room service with his dancers. I really wonder how he find singapore. Other than his sexy body dance moves, i'm not quite sure what else is he good at. But he is another aunty killer for sure. With his charms, i'm pretty sure many fanatic fans of his fainted. I won't deny the fact the he is really hot and i do have his songs in my mp3 too. Was just talking to my dad when he told me that he could acutally do some magic if rain was staying in stamford instead. Dad could have went into the control room and switch off the air-conditioner in his suite so that he'll call for some servicing. My dad himself would handle the case and that's when i'll put on my suit, adjust my cap and head up to his room pretending to be an expert. 1 call from my dad plus 1 touch on the computer comes the cool air! I would then take a quick glance at him and get out before he kick my butt. Folks, this really can happen. So near yet so far. To cut the long story short, it's exciting to work in a hotel!

Jan 16, 2007

Cashier girl

Yep...i'm the cashier girl today. Don't ask me how come i get to blog while i'm working, i have my ways.

Jan 15, 2007

Day no.1

Boring...i just started work today. Luckily, zoey came to my rescue and spent 2 hours with me. Any kind soul willing to visit me? I don't mind surprises. I'm really bored at the flower shop you know!

Jan 14, 2007

Sunday swimmers unite

Jan 11, 2007

The last supper

Thomas's enlisment day

Thomas is proberly blad by now. I'm so sorry that i'm only blogging this today. Took me a million years to grab just this 1 photo. I guess you must have woke up early today and waited for your alarm to go. Freaking about whats ahead you'll rather stay in bed. We can't be there with you but God's presence will. Seeing you smiling with much hair, it is my prayer that your love and faith for Him will grow deeper. Enjoy tomorrow and you're gonna have a good day.

Jan 10, 2007

2006 christmas cards revealed

Card-makers appreciation day

These are all my christmas cards revealed. I recently moved them all into another bigger box because the previous one's flooded. I would read them again and again because i fear that i'd miss out any words. Every card means alot and i really appreciate those who took the trouble and wrote to me. Wanna take this opportunity to thank those who've wrote down their love and care to joy. Lets call this faithful day card-makers appreciation day.

Jan 9, 2007

Sweets from new york anyone

Not for chocolate lovers

This is not for chocolate lovers. Even i, who's not a fan of sweet stuff couldn't resist the temptation but to take a bite. It's really sinful but the way it melts in your mouth literally melts your heart away as well. Thank you daniel tai. You're our taitai forever!

Jan 8, 2007

Happy birthday beryl

Beryl's 21st official birthday party

Indeed i'm very honoured that i'm officially invited to beryl's 21st bbq birthday party. Actually it was more of her brother who was dying to see me. Sounds like he's some kind of freak but he's actually my primary school classmate. You think i really that big shot ah...heh! I really wonder how did beryl's friends survived the whole day with such thick make up while the smoke kept smacking into their faces. For all i know, i was happily washing mine. Had some drunkened prawns, tried really hard to snap a shot of that famous singapore bowler valery yeo whom i hardly heard of, yaya abit here & there and finally hopped into our cab with caleb and kunquan to head home.

Jan 6, 2007

Joy the main course

I'm not a side dish but a main course.

Jan 4, 2007

My wedding plan

With much influence from the wedding dinner last night, i have a sudden urge to get married too. But mine of cos would be the loveliest ever. It's joy's wedding you are talking about.Here is how it goes...i've been working on this for a pretty long time. My groom will be dressed in a white suit with a pink tie. His brothers will wear a pink bow instead. I will be pretty in pink, so will my sisters. And we will have perl pink for our manicure. I hope to custom make my very own pink wedding cake just like how kim samsoon baked in her show. I'll not waste time on a book of photographs. Just 1 pretty shot will do. Flowers are not a worry if you know what i mean. I don't like any flowers in particular but i'm sure simku will make sure they are all in pink, over flowing the place and grand looking. The ceremony will be held in sentosa. Open-air under a cosy tent. No chinese dinner no techno music for the first dish served please. I'll dress the band in black and play music like hillsong's. Not too loud...just nice for the ears. Oh oh...the wedding car would be the london cab in hot pink. I actually saw that happen. My MCs for that day would be zoey and eric cos they are full of crap. I don't want serious ones to scare away my guests. But i haven't asked them yet. I'll plan sometime later. Typical people will know that i like guys who are young, handsome and rich. But those who knows me from the inside out will know that manners and responsibility is what i'm looking for. Hopefully someone from church. It would be good if he is good looking though. About the pink tie, i'm not sure if his mum would allow unless me & his mum have the same happening pink taste. But i'm quite sure i can talk his mum into the idea. Not that i'm selling myself out, but firstly i have to find the him first. Argh...i hate to burst my own bubbles but i can't hide from it either. Feel free to give any comments and ideas on my wedding plan. I'd love to hear from you and improve on it. Right now, i think its better i go pray and ask God to help me rather than dreaming so much.

Jan 3, 2007

Good night sleep tight

Jan 2, 2007

Shopping with our big smile

Goodbye 2006

I just came back from a movie marathon with mum and simku. Oh what a day...2 movies at 1 go. Since christmas, i've watched 6 movies altogether in which 4 i could have downloaded. As usual, joy the priated queen. But it was the company that was worth the time and money i guess. School starts tomorrow, tong's going into the army, cg is spilting, everyone's looking for jobs and here am i wondering who'll ever read my blog everytime i post something new. Those slient readers especially, will they leave with a smile because of the stupid poems i created? I get a little bit out of control with my ryhmes sometimes. I ever read somewhere that God always shifts us when we're getting too comfortable. So i guess this new year would be a year of transitions but i don't quite feel it yet and i'm not looking forward to it either. But who knows what's gonna happen next. I've cracked my brain to type so much because it's high time i should type some serious stuff. Stuff that makes sense once in a while. Goodbye 2006. Pictures next.

Jan 1, 2007

Happy new year

In thomas's room with daniel and eric. Watching them playing pillow fights makes them really sissy. But nice to see. While teaching thomas to become a better host, poor daniel is lying on the floor and he left jules hanging around his living room. A mouthwatering dinner to start with...found some blood diamonds with leonardo halfway through and ended up with a flat battery. How nice...happy new year.