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May 31, 2006

To jules :

Happy birthday jules =)

May 29, 2006

Club momo

May 28, 2006

GCE O Level Chinese Count down

10 more hours to go!!!

May 26, 2006

Keyboard's cool

Holiday starts here

Last day of school for this term ended at 10am today. But what's the point when we are having chinese o next monday. This june holiday doesn't make a difference to o level students because we are forced to go back during the holidays for extra classes. Well, the start of this holiday means my japan trip is coming nearer. But somehow i don't feel good about going when my o's are getting near. I don't have a peaceful mind and i feel guilty too. Althought it's difficult to hear me say that studying is important, but i guess this major exam will determin the rest of my life. Whether ICHM will accept me or not is another problem, right now the headache is if i can even pass with a c6. My mid year results are in a holy mess. I couldn't even pass my english, what more a national exam! Now, the thought of prelim makes me feverish. Haha. I just realised that i haven't been typing alot these few days. There's too much to type. I think i've forgotten much of it. All i can remember is that i've been stuffing myself with KFC's spicy burger meal for the past 3 days and i feel like eating it for dinner tonight again. Talking about tonight, i almost forgot that i have band practice later on at 6pm. I haven't been playing in the band for let's say, almost a year. My fingers are very stiff, not operating freely actually. Haha. I made a major decision after wednesday night. I was at club momo. It was super duper fun. Nothing more i could complain about. The music was perfect, drinks were free flow and the place was really hip. But, i've decided not to go there too often. I feel that it's kind of contradicting as a christian. I guess some will understand ya? Yup, so that's about it.

May 23, 2006

Chingyi's birthday without her in it

Laughing makes people tired

I felt super tired after laughing at yansoon being called ah soon by ben ho. Just laughing alone makes me so tired i need a nap soon. So, i guess i'll be heading to the land of nod soon.

May 22, 2006

Salsa class

Happy birthday daniel

Happy birthday to our very own daniel lim ah blur.

May 21, 2006

Hardworking people

Busy week

I just realised how busy i was the whole of this week. I haven't been blogging ever since tuesday. The bad news is i wasn't busy with school but i was busy with other stuff instead. Haha. Not a very good sign actually. I keep on reminding myself to blog about how excited i was and how exciting while i was out but i guess i was really too tired that i'll dropped dead everytime i reach home on my bed. It just feels like heaven even if i had'nt took my shower. Hehe. So, i guess i won't be putting down my feelings and thoughts in words but via photos instead. But before i post my photos, i'll list out those activities. Haha, activities doesn't sound like the appropriate word to use. But, who cares as long i understand myself.

Monday - intensive chinese lesson.
Tuesday - intensive chinese lesson.
Wednesday - chingyi's birthday.
Tuesday - salsa lesson with kimyen and sarah
Friday - clubbing ( postponed ), went to have ma la huo guo with jules and jiehuai.
Saturday - watched poseidon, met zoey and shunbin for bbq.
Sunday - Band practice, wedding dinner in the evening.

May 16, 2006

See what see

May 15, 2006

Thomas is in the picture

4 days off

I can't believe 4 days without school just flew pass like that. Days without school are indescribable fun. School seemed rather long today. Maybe it's because of my dissapointing results. I failed my english. Can you believe it or not. But it's okay, it's not the end of the world yet. But the thought me going back to school tomorrow to get back other papers makes me feel like sleeping already. However, i need to look on the bright side. Haha. I can't complain more because i had a great 2 days off from school and a fabulous weekend with fabulous company. All in all, it was a incredible week. First time ever, thomas joined us for lunch at mos. Yes, mr t h o m a s. I insisted to take a picture for rememberence. Okay, the next happening thingy that is going to hang around in my life for another 8 weeks is that i'm learning salsa dance with kimyen and sarah. Starting from this thursday, i'll be dancing to the beat. Haha. I use to drool when those hotties shake their butts. Maybe, i don't know, i might be one of them. Haha, joking joking. All along i've been interested in dances and music as long as it's not chinese dance and classical music, i'm fine with the rest. Anyway the holidays are near. Why not give it a try right? Enough for the salsa thingy. I'm reminded to blog about saturday. I can't believe i really went to see christian city church live up close. They were good. Two thumbs up. But frankly speaking, i really prefer hillsongs more. They are my number 1. But ccc is great too. I finally saw pastor phil's son. He was part of the band, the worship leader. He seriously looks like jesus. Long curly hair with beard, and the hazel puppy eyes. Haha. Really a strong resemblance between him and jesus. One thing that saddened me was when the news broke out that they will be coming instead of hillsongs for this year's festival of praise. But what to do? I'm not the boss. So much for today, i don't know if i will still have the heart to blog tomorrow when i get back the rest of my results. I might be too depressed by then. Haha.

May 14, 2006

Happy mothers day

Happy mothers day mum. I can't find another mum like you. Infact, i won't even bother to go find one. She's a mum who gives me whatever i want, who puts me in first piority, and takes good care of me. Her whole life is me me me me me. Hehe. She is my mum. Nobody elses. Bleah!!!

May 13, 2006

Missing chari

My reminder

To tell the truth, this post has been edited. This is my second attempt blogging. It was really a disaster eariler on. Back to the topic, i was really happy yesterday when zoey was able to make it for dinner. Although our dinner was very tiring, it was really meaningful. At least for me. We had to stand through out while eating tori q. Not bad lah, but nothing great about it. We took neo print not once but twice because wini couldn't design the pictures with the time limit given. The second attempt was no better. Haha. I thought i wouldn't step out of my house for at least a month before my little toe nail grows back. But i was dead wrong. I went out almost everyday, allowing my broken toe nail to tag along, only hoping that no one will notice, preparing for a fight if someone steps on it again. Haha. Anyway, i'll be meeting james, my very devoted christian friend for service in his church. But to tell you the truth, i'm there more for the worship. Haha. Christian city church will be there. Something like planet shakers, only better. I saw them before. But it was such a waste that pastor phil's son wasn't there. I heard he was a hot worship leader. Haha. I'm not there for his hot son lah. That would defeat the whole purpose. But i would really like to see how he looks like. I invited leah along and i'm really keeping my fingers crossed that she won't be later than 4.30pm. Hopefully things won't get akward between james and i as well cos we haven't seen each other since last year? When he first invited me to his church. I would really love to blog about the whole of later on. But i'm leaving tomorrow's spot for a mothers day post. Be it short or long, as long as it's a post. So i guess i'll have to leave my comment on tonight's service to monday. Fine, this shall be my reminder and the title shall be my reminder.

May 12, 2006


From : 大村 海太
Sent : Thursday, May 11, 2006 1:05 PM
To : "joy chang"
Subject : Re: Hey

Are you in JApan?
My phone number is 0909828****
Please call me!
Are you free on Saturday?
I will go to Hillsong church's mission party!

May 11, 2006

Long time no see

My dad is fine thank you

It's been a while ever since i dropped a 50 cent coin into a vending machine and watch closely as the cup drops and both sugar solution and soda water splashes into the tiny cup and slowly fills it up. This hidden memory of mine came alive today as i hanged around in the hospital with my mum while worrying for my dad. I even took a picture for rememberence. I use to like the feeling of going to the hospital to visit someone. But now that the paitent is my own dad, i nearly couldn't take it.
He was rushing for a meeting at the hotel when he tripped over some stones i guess.
He was lucky enough to fall flat on his face rather than falling backwards. His big head might have just cracked into pieces. He is in a turgid state right now although he is back home. Some scratches on the forehead and nose and a swollen left hand. Still swelling right now with a puffed up finger. No joke. I can still remember the smell of the atmosphere in the A and E department. But one thing for sure is i will never go to singapore general hospital ever again. Lousy service with attitude nurses. Staff nurses mostly. The best thing is their slogan. Having a tradition and caring excellence. My foot! I think it should be more of having a stuck up attitude tradition excellence. Those female staff nurses especially. You guys can go kick your own asses. Anyway, back to the topic. Other than the pain coming from the hand, he should be alright. I don't know how to explain the whole of today. I just shut up through out. My mum was the most worried one. Rushing up and down, going through and fro those doors even though she wasn't suppose to. I was fed up. But i guess so was her. I just hope tomorrow will be better.

May 10, 2006

Would you hear my wisper

After readin her blog,
i totally agree with a sentence she made.
Actually it's not only you.
Me too have the weirdest feeling,
about wanting to stay at home and go out at the same time.
It's not a good feeling for sure.
The reason for me to step out is simple.
I'm just trying hard to be somebody i'm not.
While on a look out,
for something that i've never had.
Feeling pretty gives you a sense of sercurity.
But that's not all life is about.
When i feel lonely,
i'll imagine how great things are around.
My surroundings would be glittering in pink.
A touch of pink here and there,
and all the pretty people makes me stare.
But all just died on me today.
My mind always likes to imagine,
but it all ends at the tip of my mind when i finally wake up.
My emotions and pain of wanting to let it go is killing my softly.
The pain is excruciating,
and my emotions are leaking out soon.
This might seem like a poem,
but i can tell you it's not.
And to tell you the truth,
i feel like watching poisedon now.
Would you hear my wisper,
and help me out from this world.

May 9, 2006

Live out loud

Mugging's over

How marvelous, my exams are officially over. For me at least. The only papers i worry for are history and art. The rest can go in the bin. Over, no more mugging!!! I sat for 3 whole hour for my art today. I manage to finish it. Unbelieveable. But it's kind of sucky actually. I cheated. Haha. I drew half of it last night because i realised i had the paper the examiner will give me this morning. So, i started early. But it's really crappy. So no diff lah. But my daedal prap work can't be avoided. It looks alright. Haha. Right now i'm having this humongous headache accumilated from last moday when i started to fall sick. It's execrable. Now to add on, my toe is really in a bad shape. When will my nail ever grow longer. Now as i'm munching on my mini oreo, i can't wait for tonight's mothers day dinner. Ben chia us and his mum. Woohoo, shark's fin soup is the best, it beats the rest.

May 8, 2006

Weiqiang's very own party

Happy birthday mum

If i ever see you on the streets, i'll pelt rotten tomatos at your bloody face. Whoever who stepped on my little toe and broke the nail, you better watch out. I never let anything bad happen to my feet and i will never ever let it happen again. I've never done a damage to my toe before. GO TO HELL!!! I'm freaking pissed off when i found out. And now i've gotta live with this ugly toe of mine. Damn!!! Today is mum's birthday. And wensheng's too. Happy birthday to you both. Talking about birthdays, i just spent the whole day with weiqiang and some others at merchant court for buffet. It was splendid. Haha. I just watched aquamarine. Erm... i enjoyed it. Alot in fact. Because i love mermaids. It's been a while since there was a mermaid show other than the one acted by barbie. I watched it of cos. Hehe. But it wasn't as exciting as the one in real person. It's a must watch for mermaid lovers.
Go, go, go!!!

May 7, 2006

Happy birthday weiqiang

Happy birthday weiqiang.

May 5, 2006

Stuck in the middle

Clowns to the left of me.
Jokers to the right.
Here am stuck in the middle with you.

May 4, 2006

Tomorrow's history

School ended quite early today. I was able to do my paper. A pass at least. In other words, today's school was fine. But i still can't erase the thought of me still stuck in this idiotic schools with a bunch of idiotic teachers. Those who observe students and then enter the staff room and start creating stories about him or her. The next day, you will find that more teachers will look at you with that kind of unexplainable glare and the evil smile. What a bunch of losers. But sad to say, students do that as well. Hehe! Just that the location is everywhere except for the staff room. Tomorrow's history. I'll either talk lots of cock and get a a1 or hand in a blank paper and get kicked out of my house. Haha. Time to sleep for a while.

May 2, 2006

On board

Exams are hateful

Surprisingly, the sun and rain was very kind to us yesterday at east coast. We didn't get any sunburn nor heatstroke, and mr rain started to sprinkle down only after we left. But i did kena from my dad when i reached home. Argh, Expected!!! I nearly wanted to pon school today because of my flu. But i didn't want to let this be another issue for my dad to get hot. Hence, i nearly died in class and my nose nearly spiltted into half. Nowadays tissues are really rough. It should be fine alright! Today's post will end somewhere here as i got to start revising my history and sleep soon. Either or. Haha. Exams are hateful. My parents are more excited than i am. Whats this all about man!

May 1, 2006

At tcc

Orchard's fault

Just thought of blogging a quick one before i head off to east coast with raymund and the rest and get skinned by my dad when i come back. He isn't very happy that i've been in town for the last 4 days. True to say, i did relatively nothing there except for eating and soaking up the atmoshpere, just trying to blend in with the people. But what to do? That's life for a 18 year old in singapore other than clubbing your whole life away. Even my dad can't bear to think that it's true. Today will be my last day of 'chionging'. I've got an instint that i will flunk my mid year real badly and if that happens, maybe my dad will flunk my whole japan trip as well. He will gladly blame it on orchard road but actually it's her own daughter's lazyness. Haha. I don't know why i caught a sudden cold. It's irritating me, it's irritating the whole world. Maybe i got if from those people i took pictures with yesterday. You'll be dead duck if i find out who. I have exams starting from this wednesday man! How can i ever concerntrate with my mucus gushing down every second?